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2, since guests are expected to walk around and meet people, clothes made for these occasions are often functional and comfortable. 3 Composition edit The American cocktail dress could be anything from a " little black dress " to a floral-printed dress or a plain, short evening gown, as long as it was worn with accessories. 3 In 1948, Christian Dior labeled this business-casual dress " cocktail dress which allowed department stores to advertise specifically cocktail garments and accessories, increasing the growth of fashion stores. This practical and fashionable garment became a popular uniform for progressive elite women in the 1920s. The French style valued simplicity and elegance in their designs while American-styles valued functionality and efficiency. Asos design midi dress with long sleeve full length cocktail dress and lace panelled bodice.00, aSOS design nipped in waist mini dress.00, aSOS design wiggle midi dress.00, aSOS design wrap midi dress.00, aSOS design wiggle mini dress.00, aSOS. 3 The Great Depression edit To take account of the economic crisis, designers such as Muriel King emphasized the importance of accessories by designing simple dresses, 3 which also helped the market for jewelry, hats, gloves, and sheaths. A b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q Da Cruz, Elyssa Schram. Dressing the Decades: Twentieth-Century Vintage Style. 1, companies increasingly hosted cocktail parties to have an entertaining environment for employees and customers to mingle. After, world War I, the idea of the working woman became popular.

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After 1929, it was more common to see women in a social context. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. A cocktail dress is a dress suitable at semi-formal occasions, sometimes called cocktail parties, usually in the late afternoon, and usually with accessories. This style flattered the women silhouette and created a romantic aura around the aesthetic. 3 By the mid-1920s, hemlines of dresses were just below the knee rather than ankle- length, which was more common for evening gowns. "Dressing for the Cocktail Hour". 3, contents, history edit, during the 1920s, French coutures' clientele consisted mainly of American department stores that reproduced French designs and promoted French designers. With the help of liberation organizations, the idea of a "modern woman" began to rise, and soon the "drinking woman" could be seen in business settings. While French couture relied on travel and American department stores, American designers relied on fashion magazines, such as Vogue and Vanity Fair, and the need to dress semi-formally for cocktail hour. 3 Since cocktail parties were so popular, American designers such as Anne Fogarty began to create cocktail dresses that revolved around the "New Look" using less expensive fabrics.

These parties usually began after 5:00.M. 7 Etiquette edit As cocktail parties became more high-end, the attire became subject to stricter guidelines, which allowed people to easily differentiate between the different identities at the party, the organizer, hostess, and wife. 3 4, these clothes were usually worn for more exclusive and intimate gatherings. 3 With the increasing feasibility and popularity of air travel, French cocktail dresses became popular globally. 7 Shoes were usually high heels, but evening satin sandals were also common and could be dyed to match the color of the dress. A b Les Pyjamas et les robes du studio. 3 In addition, the jewelry would be worn along with hats: velvet, lace, or horsehair ; little turbans or close-fitting caps of brocade, taffeta, or satin. 3 As French women traveled to wealthy resort cities, the designs of their cocktail dresses spread among the American elite. 3 French designers, such as Dior and Jacques Fath, saw the high market for cocktail dresses and began to design dresses for American department stores. Asos design bandeau broderie midi dress with layered skirt and belt buckle.00, aSOS design Maternity crop top embellished neckline midi dress.00, aSOS design midi pencil dress with ring detail in embroidery.00, aSOS design cami mini dress.

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New York fashion: the full length cocktail dress evolution of American style. 3 Although they were inexpensive, wearing large amounts was seen as daring and luxurious, especially when wearing a modest dress. 5, the fabric of the dress and whether it was worn with a cocktail hat differentiated a day dress from a cocktail dress. Chaney, Lillian Hunt, and Jeanette. This led French designers to create dresses to appeal to American buyers. Adrianna Papell Womens Beaded. Full-Length Evening Dress.99. 99 -.99. 99 grecerelle Women s Sleeveless Racerback and. Long, sleeve Loose Plain Maxi, dresses Casual Long Dresses with Pockets. Stand out in lace and metallic cocktail dresses and party dresses from all your favorite brands. We have you covered!

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