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Benefits As you jelq, you stretch and massage the veins in your penis. Grip fingers around the penis close to the base of the shaft. By: Big Bad Dong (Good Looking Loser contributor). Stroke forward towards the tip and stop just before the top glans. When you do jelqing, you use the thumb and index finger to recurrently and consistently stretch and pull the flaccid. How much blood is held in the structure of your penis can determine the size of an erect penis and how harder or stronger an erection.

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Could it be natural growth? If you've simply come for picture proof or entertainment, you might be more interested these pages- Not Safe for Work! I agree that jelqing is a good method when it comes to increasinf the length of the penis. Yes I have I now 20 and have true this from when I was 17 and gained 3 inches additional penis size. Proper Instruction And Performance Of Different Jelqing Techniques Is A Must. Different Variations Of The Traditional Jelqing Exercise.

The 'OK' grip can be applied in two ways, palms up (standard grip) and palms down (overhand grip). Remember not to perform jelqing with the full erection. I've been doing it for years compulsively without even knowing what it was called or the fact that it was an actual technique, just a habit when I'm bored. It is recommended that before jelqing is started with and followed by a warm wrap, to relax the tissues and minimize chances of injury. Either way, I suggest that you use a combination of both, naturally throughout this process you will jelq with varying levels of blood flow. I've been jelqing for 3 weeks. By using jelqing exercises, men can create what they like calling it a minimalist routine. Those simply mimic your hand movement and finger shape.

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So, how to do jelqing naturally? There are variations of jelqing which can contribute to lengthening but thickening is the prime purpose of this exercise. Warming up before jelqing is not necessary according to seasoned jelqers. To avoid skin pull: Use more lubricant. Do a ULI at the base, before each stroke, for a more intense jelq; however, this isnt for beginners. It is also good to alternate. This helps to get your penis loose and ready for strenuous exercises. The lubricant is up to you. At the end jelq method review of your session, the color of your penis head should be slightly darker. And for how long? It is impossible to flex it too. Here are some signs of a successful session: At the end of each jelq, the glans should be slightly harder from the blood that moved. Just be aware that future gains will likely not be as dramatic as the initial ones.

It is hard for me to measure my gains with jelqing alone because I always combine it with other tools. This is common because your penile tissue is not used to being stretched or fatigued. Through jelq method review using a special device, you might find the ability to maximize the impact of jelqing sessions improve immensely. Keep reading the whole writing on the site VKool to know how to do jelqing exercises step by step for beginners. One thing to be very mindful of would be the fact the human body can become used to exercises which means the body will not experience the same results. The OK grip as previously mention is done by joining the forefinger and thumb together which creates a circle. It certainly can't hurt. It is nice to take a days break from time to time to allow the muscles and blood vessels to recover. Please reply to my email anks. The result depends on individuals. Each session should not last longer than 15 minutes. Before we approach the jelqing exercises and achieve the result of increasing the penis size logically, we should know the structure of the penis and the complexities of erection.

Release your hand, repeat all steps. I'll get back to you as soon as I can). Strength The grip strength will need to be adjusted to match the erection level in order to maintain proper pressure during each stroke, jelq method review it should be firm but not painful. Lets talk about how to do this. It feels wonderful and erections are very easy to keep.

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Still, take 48 hours off (or until the bruises go away). Your penis needs all the red blood cells, hormones and nutrients it can get to get bigger and stronger. Always do mini jelqs to the weaker side of the penis, to workout that corpus cavernosa, and correct your curve. Do not squeeze the glans. The key is to consistent with your training, patient, understand how it works and what to expect. And if you are a man serious about improving the size of your penis, you will want to select the best exercises possible. Specialized Devices Some companies created specialized jelqing devices and machines. During your shower, use a penis pump (like Hydromax or Penomet ).

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For the specifics of a test ran by another user, see this chart. Therefore, it is impossible to jelq method review build. Signs of a Successful Session Not every jelqing session needs to be effective. Males want to look for the solutions to increase the size of the erect penis and avoid the decrease in the erect penis girth. It is simply an organ tissue. When you only have a limited understanding of the proper way to perform the exercises, you wont be able to perform them in the manner designed to deliver the best results. Jelqing uses the penis stretching exercises that aim to straighten the curved penis. If you feel pain, stop. Hi, I thought about it for a long time, and I finally decided to enlarge my penis.

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After all, the better the exercises then the greater the potential to thicken and lengthen your penis. Girth gains All jelqing exercises increase both your penis length and girth. I do this three more times but if I get close to cumming I stop. I would do it sitting at the pc or watching tv or long car rides. Jelqing is notorious for increasing girth, strengthening erection hardness and quality, improving ejaculation response, and increasing penis size. To prevent (or reduce) discoloration wrap the discolored area your penis with a theraband or ACE bandage wrap after your workout. You can use soap if your penis is already wet.

I been doing this jelqing technique barely for jelq method review like 3 months i have gained 1/2 inch in length how long can it take before you start seeing results in length and girth how many times a week are. Good Looking Loser says- I like the discoloration. Jelqing Results The Difference Before And After You Try Jelqing. For better length gains, you should jelq with a slightly less erect penis. The suitable jelqing pressure does not hurt, but pushes the blood up your penis effectively. The online community who tried jelqing gave good reviews and recommended it as an effective method to increase the size of penis and make the sex life better. Things to Consider When Jelqing Jelqing to naturally increase penis size is a simple task; however there are some key concepts that can take time to master, which can really help with the process. Not completely hard, but also not entirely soft. Similar to resistance training or lifting weights- this pressure results in controlled damage or micro tears in the structure of the penis. Finish the OK-grip before reaching your glans. I do this for 300 to 500 strokes. Good Looking Loser says- I once tried the "warm rice sock in the microwave" suggestion but I set the sock on fire and it smelled up my entire college dorm.

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Week 1: One 5-min session with 100 strokes. You need to be able to push blood through. These are essentially bruises from a workout, not necessarily indicating the your training was too strenuous. Jelqing Exercises With A Device. Never jelq 100 fully erect. I stopped jelqing for about four months and only recently started again. I've been jelqing for two and a half years but not consistently. There are some other ways for enlargment of the penis, such as pills, pump, clamping, injection and implants. Over time as you progress, aim to increase intensity and duration of the penis exercises for optimum size gains. Penis stretching exercises or jelqing aims to make the erectile jelq method review tissue stronger and increase the length, width and girth of an erect penis. Other Jelqing Considerations Warming. Getting into the shower for 5-10 minutes and letting warm water run on your penis is the easiest way. It means you exercised intensely without warming up and broke some blood capillaries ( source ).

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However, future gains may very well continue. As a result, these exercises can increase the jelq method review blood capacity in the erectile and increase the penis size. Using the overhand OK grip with a semi-erect penis at a downward angle, it is easy to grip close to the base of the shaft and create a great pump effect from each stroke. With these fingers joined, grip the base of the lubricated, partially erect penis firmly restricting the blood flow, and then slide your hand forward towards the tip of the penis to create pressure. Rest for a min then twirl my penis to get blood flowing. Read more: Top Best Tips On, improving Sex Life. It looks like a bruise but it's just discoloration. In my opinion, however, you shouldn't restrict blood flow to your penis unless you are using a penis extender to lengthen it in the process. Continue with this process continuously swapping hands for a number of strokes with each stroke taking approximately three seconds. Some skin pull is actually considered good because it helps to add thickness to your penis. (Older video of me jelqing pre-Bathmate session. Jelq at a slightly higher erection level (75 or Level 3).

I went from just under 6" long and not quite.5" diameter.25" long and almost 2" diameter. This allows for better blood flow. If you are on this site, you probably aren't at work though It's a good idea to educate yourself and start slow. The majority of guys that "fail either have unrealistic goals or aren't committed. If you see red or purple spots on your penis, take a break for a few days. These "pin sided" red spots usually appear on the head of the penis. And Like most everything else in life- you can avoid 99 of the risks by simply knowing what YOU ARE doing. Once I finish jelqing I massage my penis for 5 min then wrap with a hot towel for 5 min. Although there is the lack of empirical studies and scientific evidence, the internet shows a plenty of good reviews for jelqing. Jelqing is considered as one of the most widely used penis enlargement exercises. It's not evidence of any sort of problem and can usually be lessen or reversed by the techniques described below. Many guys prefer water-based lubricants like KY-Jelly and Astroglide, while others prefer oil-based lubricants like baby oil or Vaseline.

Good Looking Loser says: I use this website to easily keep track of time- m ; if you are watching porn or, you can use the progress meter on your videos. The U grip applied vertically is most effective for working the corpora carvenosa (CC encouraging girth gains. Its good for girth and great for those looking for a more intense jelq. Optional: apply a lubricant. Write a comment below with your experiences and reviews of this exercise. Then I begin the jeqing exercise. Other experienced veterans suggest the reverse is true. On the day before my rest-day, I exercise a bit more. It might be necessary for men to try different versions and variations of jelqing. It will be nice and warm. Have seen massive gains in one month. It is important for you to know that increasing the penis girth is harder and takes longer time, compared to increasing the penis length. I am also taking a herbal penis enhancement pill twice a day.